What is corporate security?

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If you are new to security services, you could be forgiven for confusing corporate security with a bouncer or a more informal type of door staff.

Though they perform similar jobs, keeping sites secure and restricting entry when necessary, corporate security teams are a cut above the rest – completing tasks like these to ensure corporate clients, their guests, and assets are kept safe, but with a higher degree of professionalism and a gentler touch.

So, read on to find out what corporate security does and find out if you need this service for your place of work.

What Is Corporate Security

Why is corporate security important?

Upholding and working alongside corporate policies and procedures, corporate security teams help your business mitigate security threats. They diffuse and remove them if they occur, and compile evidence and paperwork that can assist the business with issues of liability or in criminal court cases.

Designed predominantly as an anticipatory measure, corporate security should be discreet and unobtrusive until needed, allowing businesses to conduct their day-to-day activities without incident – while also providing confidence for staff and visitors.

If needed, corporate security officers will always remain professional and calm, focus on keeping incidents contained, and work with full compliance within the confines of policy, procedure, and law. This ensures that negative attention will not be drawn to the business or corporation regardless of the outcome.

This is the service you can expect as standard from corporate security officers with Double Check Security.  

What do corporate security officers do day-to-day?

Every site and job will be different for independent corporate security teams, requiring staff to be flexible, confident, and highly skilled.

Despite this degree of variation, most corporate security officers will complete the following general tasks on every job they do:

  • Greet customers, colleagues, and visitors professionally
  • Conduct ID checks and bag searches (where necessary)
  • Ensure all visitors follow protocol when entering and exiting
  • Assess and maintain the safety and security of the area
  • Interact with clients and customers
  • Perform regular patrols of the premises
  • Be the first port of call in an emergency – carrying out first aid when needed
  • Assist with queries
  • Fill out incident reports

These general tasks maintain the security of the client, any guests they have on the premises, the environment, and any assets within the space that could be considered valuable and may attract the unscrupulous.  

Can I use corporate security alongside dog handlers?

Our corporate security officers are trained and experienced in working alongside other security services, as and when needed by the client. This could include:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Surveillance
  • Dog handling
  • Close supervision
  • Door supervision

We never use rubber stamp solutions at Double Check Security. We work closely to tailor all security packages to ensure a client’s bespoke corporate security service includes everything they need – and that they aren’t paying for superfluous services.

This includes the highly skilled and suitably discouraging dog-handling teams, which could be especially important to your workplace if you routinely handle valuable goods.  

Who might need corporate security?

Generally, more companies need corporate security than actually have it currently. This means that while they may be managing fine without them now, things might not continue that way forever.

Commonly found in businesses that deal routinely with assets, large corporations, and within listed buildings open to the public, corporate security is also ideal for:

  • Corporate events, including gala and themed nights
  • Charity events, including auctions and fundraisers
  • Locations that include banks, art galleries, museums, solicitors’ or legal offices, courts, listed or special buildings that are open to the public, etc.

Clients who use corporate security teams enjoy the peace of mind they bring, even if it’s only for a one-off event or situation – including open days or charity events.

Aren’t corporate security officers just hard men in suits?

Highly trained, professional, nuanced individuals – corporate security officers are much more than visually intimidating deterrents.

Each corporate security team from Double Check Security is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and must stay up to date with regular training to ensure they maintain the latest requirements for the industry. This includes counter-terrorism and first-aid training, which could be invaluable to you in times of need.

Similarly, our corporate security officers are experienced enough to understand the delicate balancing act required to maintain a visible presence and amiable customer service, just one of the factors that contribute towards our ACS status from the Approved Contractor Scheme.

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