Why do retail security wear uniforms?

A staple on the high street, retail security staff are often found near entrances and exits to act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Chances are, you know they are retail security officers thanks to their uniforms. But why do they wear a uniform? What purpose does a uniform serve … Read more

What are the benefits of retail security?

What are the benefits of retail security?

Retail security plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and profitability of businesses by reducing losses from theft or vandalism, as well as enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers. The strategies, measures and systems put in place by retailers to protect their premises, assets, employees, and customers encompass … Read more

What Is Corporate Security

What is corporate security?

If you are new to security services, you could be forgiven for confusing corporate security with a bouncer or a more informal type of door staff. Though they perform similar jobs, keeping sites secure and restricting entry when necessary, corporate security teams are a cut above the rest – completing … Read more

What Is A Corporate Security Officer

What is a corporate security officer?

Also referred to as security guards, corporate security officers can commonly be seen in places where valuable items can be found, including banks and art galleries. Employed to ensure the safety of the guests, maintain protocol, and deter the nefarious, corporate security officers have a very important job to do … Read more