About Double Check Security Group

Here at DCS Group we pride ourselves on being the independent offering in the market.

In a landscape where big suppliers are merging and services are streamlined, we are happy to stand out as independent and sustainable. Backed by quality industry accreditation, we are able to offer a personal touch, bespoke solutions, and pricing structures. Our senior leadership team are visibly present within our contracts and with our clients. We listen, adapt, and accommodate our clients’ needs as a tailored and innovative offering rather than look for rubber stamp solutions.

Our ethos is to be a service provider of choice for our clients and employees with a strong ethos of nurturing the professional development of our staff.


At DCS Group we recognise that through our actions and the delivery of our services, we have a responsibility and opportunity to minimise impact to the environment. We do this by giving back to the communities in which we work. Some of the things we do include;

Recycling our IT equipment and choosing equipment that reduces energy, water use, chemicals and plastics.

Donating our excess uniform to homeless and back to work projects

Using sustainable supply chains such as partners who use environmentally friendly chemicals for our dry cleaning and using uniforms made from part recycled plastics.


We utilise industry leading technology to support our customers’ needs and find cost effective solutions through smart automation. Every officer in our organisation can utilise an intuitive real time phone app to book/ off, check their shifts, and pay details in real time. GPS technology locates the officer at all times for welfare management and custom mapping for patrols provide complete transparency on our staff tasking throughout the tour of duty. Generation of professionally presented incident reports coupled with automated client escalation are just some of the ways we are leading the way with innovation for our clients.


People passion- we encourage our talented staff force to engage and develop their careers through training and industry engagement;

Service quality- Our people and our customers are the foundations of our business. We attract the highest calibre of talent to deliver exemplary service for our customers.;

Customer solutions- We listen to our customers and build our service delivery around their needs and budgets.


Retail: Trusted partner to many of the most exclusive designer brands and flagship outlets in the world.

Transport: We help clients secure the UKs rail network and helping keep millions of commuters and station staff safe.

Corporate: Our services support first in class blue chip corporations across the UK as well as world renown hotels, arts and entertainment studios.

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