Can cutting costs on retail security save you money?

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With the increased cost of living and high streets that are struggling across the country, the need to boost profit margins can mean that you need to find ways to make savings.

So, can cutting back your budget for retail security be a good way to make a saving?

Can you keep your shop secure without retail security?

The most common methods of shop security are generally:

  • CCTV
  • Retail security
  • Altered shop layouts

But as one of the more expensive options, retail security is often one of the first things to go when looking to cut corners.

So, is this feasible?

Simply put – no.

Retail security brings a range of benefits and works best when used in conjunction with other security methods, including CCTV.

Benefits of retail security

Retail security is considered irreplaceable because it:

  • Is flexible – Staff can complete a wide range of tasks, from monitoring CCTV and access to patrolling, intervening when crime takes place and filling out reports
  • Remains legal – SIA-trained staff are mindful of their legal responsibilities
  • Helps visitors – giving visitors as well as shop staff someone to approach if they need something
  • Acts as extra emergency staff – if criminal behaviour does occur, helping to keep crowds calm
  • Represents your brand – allowing your priorities and values to be at the forefront for all visitors to see

But more importantly, retail security stops crime as it happens.

This allows for acts of theft or other anti-social behaviour to be interrupted and de-escalated in real time, rather than simply collecting evidence for prosecution, as with CCTV.

Making it invaluable and well worth your investment.

Combine security measures to save money and theft

More often than not, we consider removing measures to save money – but the best method, according to the UK Police Force, is to combine measures to stop theft.

While CCTV can have a positive effect on crime reduction, the Police force found it most effective when it:

  • Involved active monitoring of live footage – by retail security
  • Was used in combination with multiple complementary interventions – such as signage to improve awareness, enhanced lighting sources, and higher levels of camera coverage.

This combined or full-coverage approach can result in crime reduction by 15% more than CCTV alone – saving your stock, reducing instances of theft, and making your retail premises feel safer and more welcoming.

For bespoke retail security packages – contact Double Check Security

If you are new to security measures but are fed up with losing valuable time and money to criminal behaviour, perhaps it’s time to implement a bespoke retail security package?

Simple to set up with the help of our experts and excellent value for money, you can cut theft and save money in the long run.

To discuss your store security needs, why not call us on 020 3794 8182 or email us – we’ll be in touch to put your bespoke package together as soon as we can.