Event Security Services

Got a large event, such as a wedding or party, that needs to run smoothly?

Maybe you regularly host events for the public and have been plagued by the uninvited sneaking in?

Sounds like you need approachable, experienced, and qualified event security services from Double Check Security Ltd.


What Are Event Security Services?

Event security ensures that guests, staff, and the premises are kept safe and secure during events of any size.

Perhaps surprisingly, organising your event security services early on can mean the rest of the planning process and the event itself can run smoothly – without interruption from non-guests looking to trespass or make a nuisance of themselves.

Event security has many tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Helping identify security needs during the planning stage, including the number of security staff needed and weak spots that intruders might wish to try and compromise – allowing you to put extra measures in place.
  • Watching cameras and CCTV
  • Patrolling fences and perimeter walls
  • Checking bags
  • Directing vehicular traffic at car parks
  • Taking tickets and ensuring only those invited can attend
  • Crowd control in busier areas

Every member of event security provided by Double Check Security is highly skilled and certified, with appropriate NVQs and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences – ensuring your event goes off without a hitch and your guests can relax.

No matter how important they may be.

Who Needs Events Security Services?

Event security, put most simply, is ideal for venues that host events of any size.

Larger events – for example, open days or gala nights – will require more staff than their smaller event counterparts, but both will require a basic level of event security staffing, which can be increased or decreased as needed.

This can include events such as:

  • Large public events, like circuses, fairs, concerts, or festivals
  • Private events, including fashion shows, museum openings, charity events, or auctions
  • Large sports events, especially if these are held along public highways or in stadiums
  • Filming locations
  • Corporate conventions or meetings
  • Private events, like birthdays and weddings, or religious ceremonies like christenings or bar or bat mitzvahs


Benefits of Events Security

The main benefits of events security services include:

  1. The host can relax

One of the biggest benefits of organising event security services ahead of time is the peace of mind it can bring to hosts and party planners.

Planning events, especially outdoor or very large events, can be complex and take much longer than the event itself, so off-loading some of your to-do list can be very helpful.

Security event services can help from the outset, organising all necessary security staff and other security essentials like CCTV, sniffer dogs, and perimeter controls, depending on what is needed.

Leaving you free to have a cup of coffee and look over the guest list again!

  1. Event security is infinitely flexible

If your venue hosts a mix of larger and smaller events, you might be worried that you will be hiring a lot of events security staff you don’t need.

This is where the team at Double Check Security can help.

Our experts can organise event security teams for any length of time, for any requirements, or for any kind of event.

This versatility means you will never pay more than you need to for event security, while also being supplied with experienced and qualified events security staff anytime you need them.


Contact Double Check Security for Exceptional Events Security

To ensure your event runs smoothly from planning to the end of the night, choose qualified and professional events security staff from Double Check Security.

For further information, or to request an events security team, call us or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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