Festival Security Services

By their very nature, festivals are large, busy, and sometimes overwhelming events.

And planning them is no different.

But what if you had professional and qualified festival security services that could make it all a little easier?

This is where the team at Double Check Security Ltd come in!


What are Festival Security Services?

Sometimes referred to under the umbrella of event security, festival security services are specifically designed to help you plan and run festivals of all sizes and types.

Festivals are big business now, with hundreds of events taking place across the UK, especially in the summer months. Festivals are now also much more than music, as the range now includes:

  • Food
  • Comedy
  • Children’s entertainment
  • Music
  • Film
  • Literature and books
  • Art
  • Sustainability
  • Culture

Every festival staffed by Double Check Security is carried out by a professional team, who are highly skilled and certified in festival security services, and all hold relevant NVQ level 2 qualifications and SIA certification – Security Industry Authority certification.

Who needs Festival Security Services?

If you are planning to hold a festival, be it large or small, you’ll need trusted festival security services from the planning stage right through to the weekend of the festival itself. This will help keep your staff and guests safe and stop the event from grinding to a halt if there is a security issue.

Festival security services not only keep guests safe and under control but also keep out trespassers looking to gain access without an official ticket.

They also help keep celebrity guests or performers separate from festival-goers and give them private spaces to change, warm up, or relax in – no matter how busy your site is.

Other benefits of festival security services include:

  • Helping identify and plan for festival security needs during the planning stage, including identifying the number of security staff needed and locating and reinforcing weak spots that intruders might wish to try and compromise.
  • Scanning cameras and CCTV
  • Checking bags
  • Directing vehicular traffic
  • Taking tickets – admitting only those invited
  • Keeping restricted areas closed to general admission
  • Crowd control in busier areas
  • Helping move crowds along in areas that can bottleneck
  • Breaking up problems and de-escalating potential issues


Benefits of Festival Security

The main benefits of events security services include:

  1. Reducing problems at large public events

From the 200,000 guests that attend Glastonbury every summer to the 499 that relax at the Outcider Festival in Somerset – problems can always occur when large groups of people come together.

Especially if people are letting loose in a festival atmosphere.

Well-trained and professional, our festival security staff are experienced enough to intervene as soon as problems start, des-escalating the situation and halting it before it progresses any further – keeping all of your guests safe.

  1. Giving guests approachable help

Some believe that security services staff are unapproachable and imposing – but nothing could be further from the truth.

A good festival security officer uses their excellent people skills and customer service to welcome and look after guests, encouraging them to come to them if they need help.

This reassuring presence means that everyone can access help of any kind, whenever they need it during the festival. This can boost customer enjoyment and ensure everyone has a good time – the main aim of any festival.


Contact Double Check Security for Fantastic Festival Security

If your festival could be improved with festival security, look no further than Double Check Security Ltd.

For any further information, call us or send us an email and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to get your package underway.

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